NanopthalmicsCorneal abrasions are the most common eye injuries and affect more than 5 million people in the United States alone each year.  Up to 25% of these patients will develop chronic recurrent corneal erosions with painful, episodic recurrence of disease.  Current treatment methods are either supportive or cause permanent corneal scaring.

Nanophthalmics has developed and licensed a patented platform technology for microfabricated surgical instruments that engage tissue in an entirely new way. Our company focus is to apply micromachined and nanomaterials-based instruments to create novel surgical solutions in Ophthalmology and other microsurgical specialties to improve treatment outcomes.  Our first commercial device is a disposable, corneal micro-punch that enhances healing of abrasions, recurrent erosions, and degenerative corneal diseases by modifying tissue attachments at the cellular level.

Edward Chaum, MD PhD
Founder & CMO

Ben Tempel