Investment Focus

MB Venture Partners is focused on financings that fit the following criteria:
General Considerations

All companies in which we invest have several traits in common, including outstanding management teams with relevant industry experience, large addressable markets, solid science, and strong intellectual property.

Stage of financing

We prefer to invest in seed or early-stage financings, but select later-stage financings will also be considered.

Industry preference

We will invest only in biotechnology and medical device companies. We are especially interested in product solutions for musculoskeletal disease.

Regional preference

We are focused on investment opportunities in the underserved markets of the Southeast and Midwest, but will consider investments outside these regions in some circumstances.

MB Venture Partners has unique domain expertise and relationships:

While MBVP considers investment opportunities throughout the medical device and biotechnology industries, we possess unique abilities and resources within the area of musculoskeletal disease. Two of our major investors are leaders in the musculoskeletal markets, and our hometown of Memphis is well-stocked with resources in this field. Memphis is home to 1st tier spine and orthopedic companies, the most preeminent neurosurgical and orthopedic practices and resident training centers in the USA, world class anatomic and basic research facilities, and a coordinated community effort to leverage all of these resources towards improving patient care. Additionally, MBVP hosts the annual Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference ( each year in Memphis, bringing together the nation’s top musculoskeletal investment opportunities with investors and high-level industry executives.

Memphis is a Musculoskeletal Center of Excellence

Musculoskeletal New Ventures Conference –

  • Annual event featuring new and emerging therapies
  • Hosted by MB Venture Partners

Medtronic Spine & Biologics –

  • Largest player in the spine industry

MicroPort Orthopedics –

  • MicroPort Scientific acquired the Memphis-based ortho-recon unit from Wright Medical.

Smith & Nephew –

  • British company with worldwide orthopedics unit headquartered in Memphis

Wright Medical –

  • Fast growing, publicly-traded orthopedics company

Medical Education & Resource Institute –

  • One of the largest medical training facilities in the world
  • Cadaver lab for research and training

Campbell Clinic –

  • One of the world’s premier practicing and teaching orthopedic centers
  • The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons was founded by Dr. Campbell and more Campbell Clinic surgeons have been its president than from any other practice in the world.

Semmes-Murphy Clinic –

  • A leader in the development of technology and procedures for patients with neurological and spine disorders.